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Sell More by Giving Choice

Are you driving your potential customers primarily to Amazon.com? Did you know that you could be losing out on potential sales? By directly linking customers to one bookstore, you take away your customer's choice of preferred eReader and currency, potentially losing the customer and a sale.

This is why authors use a FREE oAuthor Selling page. It gives them one link and one page through which they can route their customers. A page fully in the author's control, containing all of the detail the reader could possible want, along with all the links to where the book can be purchased.

The oAuthor Selling Page is more than a collection of links. Through geo-targeting it intelligently directs your customers to the correct localised store. With the oAuthor link, your UK customers are directed to the UK Amazon store while your US customers are directed to US Amazon store. This gives you a universal, single link you can use on social media which links to one page while giving your customers the choice of multiple localised stores.

By having an oAuthor Selling Page which is fully in your control, you decide where to route customers. If for example a store is dramatically discounting in your book's category, you can disable the store from your page without having to change your links. You will never have to worry again about losing sales because of stores changing page links and leading customers to dead pages. No matter what happens with the bookstores where you sell, you are always in control by having your own oAuthor Selling Page.

Earn More by Selling Direct

Bookstores take a massive chunk of your earnings through royalties. Avoid this by selling directly on your oAuthor Selling page. You do this by directing potential customers to your oAuthor Selling Page instead of routing them to an online bookstore where you will lose royalties.

Do this by opting in for a Buy Now button on your oAuthor Selling Page. This button will direct the customer to a secure online payment page where they can buy the book directly from you.

It is a FREE option and you only pay a small fixed transaction fee of 5% + $0.35 once you make a direct sale. The transaction fee covers the cost of processing the credit card payment. This option makes you an eCommerce enabled author, giving you an independent income from direct sales, paid monthly.

Once a customer purchases your book directly from you, they will be able to securely download your book for their preferred eReader. They also have the option to read your book online via the FREE oAuthor online eReader. This means that anyone with a computer, tablet or smart phone will be able to read your book.

With an oAuthor Selling Page, you keep 100% of your royalties, 100% of your publishing rights and 100% of your customer details when you sell direct through your Buy Now button.

Know More through Analytics

Once you register for an oAuthor Selling Page, you will be given access to a powerful dashboard. The dashboard gives you all the analytics the bookstores don't provide.

The analytics include total visitor count by country, enabling you to focus your marketing efforts.

The number of click-troughs by bookstore allows you to analyse your conversion rate. If this conversion rate is low, you can try to increase it by adjusting your book cover or book description.

The analytics include day charts, showing which of your marketing techniques are working.

With your oAuthor Selling page, you have the tools and the power similar to what large publishing houses use, all for FREE.

Create an oAuthor Selling Page NOW!

It is absolutely FREE to setup an oAuthor Selling Page. You will only be charged a small transaction fee of 5% + $0.35 when you sell your book directly to your customers.

You are not charged for any click-troughs to any of the bookstores. You can use your Amazon affiliate links without losing your affiliate revenue.